Visionary Award from the Tim Hetherington Trust 2014

“Innovation in visual storytelling”

The Tim Hetherington Trust has inaugurated its grant program and the search has started for media artists and journalists working on innovative communication projects. There is no restriction on the subject of the work, which may be issue-driven or personal.  The award will be given for innovation in visual storytelling using any appropriate technology to create and distribute a story that will inspire the audience and bring a fresh understanding of the chosen subject. The successful candidate will demonstrate personal vision, artistic ability, ethical integrity and sufficient craft skills to execute the project effectively.

We are especially looking for projects that can be augmented by the application of new skills or technology.  The successful recipient will be paired with a mentor or technical partner who will collaborate to fulfill the grantee’s vision in ways that exceed their initial expectations; openness to new ideas and willingness to work in partnership will be key characteristics of the successful applicant.

Nomination for the award will be by referral from a worldwide team of experts in disparate fields. The trust will appoint a review panel to assess the nominations, and experts with specialist knowledge will be invited as appropriate depending on the scope of the nominated work.  The review panel will be guided by personal or professional knowledge of Tim’s motives and creative approach.

A single grant of £20,000 will be awarded, supported by an additional professional fee payable to the mentor who will work with the grantee to fulfill the project