Infidel Exhibition

15th September 2016 - 25th September 2016

John Lennon Art and Design Academy, Duckinfield Street, Liverpool, L3 5RD   Thursday 15 September to Sunday 25 September, 8am-9pm

The exhibition presents a mixture of photographs and video, drawn from his work in Afghanistan and published as the book "Infidel." In this work Hetherington focused on the experience of war from the perspective of the individual. Through his photographs, writing and films, Hetherington provides us with new ways to look at and think about human experience in war.

"Infidel" consists of large-scale images of the Korengal Valley in Afghanistan, taken to set the scene, as well as intimate portraits of the American troops stationed there. The photographs were taken over a period of one year in 2007-2008, during which Hetherington managed to get incredibly close to the soldiers.

Describing the photographs in "Infidel", Hetherington said: “It’s all about the men. I didn’t want to pretend this was about the war in Afghanistan. It was a conscious decision. [It] comments on the experience of the soldier. It’s brotherhood. The flow of pictures is to introduce you to the Korengal Valley first and then to see the men in an intimate way... To get to know them and how they lived. Then you see them in combat in the traditional combat style. Finally, you see them as young men, sleeping.”

This exhibition is presented by the Journalism Department in the Liverpool Screen School who have close links with the Tim Hetherington Trust and who have a work-based fellowship named after Tim Hetherington for journalism students. 

Infidel Exhibition