Visionary Award 2017 supplementary grant for Andrea Ellen Reed

20th April 2017

Visionary Award 2017 supplementary grant

The judges of the Visionary award make an exceptional supplementary grant to support the work of Andrea Ellen Reed


Andrea brings a sharp vision of the black experience in USA, packaged in a straightforward video format that is innovative and at the same time easy to implement and install.  By offering a core of curated content the project invites video reactions that cast an authentic light on the mainstream media narratives that have for so long dominated the narrative of American culture. The core soundscape of audio clips from pundits, activists, educators and newscasters that builds an image of how Black people have internalized white supremacist culture which is then developed and redressed by the public reactions that will build in a dynamic evolution of ideas and attitudes.  Shared online and in pubic spaces the work will be visible to those that seek it as well as by those who happen upon it in the course of daily life, adding yet further dimensionality to the evolving project. 

Andrea Ellen Reed's website can be viewed HERE and twitter handle HERE


Visionary Award 2017 supplementary grant for Andrea Ellen Reed