30 Years - Photojournalism since the fall of the Berlin Wall

2 June 2018 ~ 15 September 2018, Caen Memorial Museum, France

30 images 1989 ~ 2018 selected annually by the jury of the World Press Photo competition

A World Press Photo curated multimedia exhibition for the Memorial de Caen war museum and memorial.

December 1988 to December 2018 marks 30 award winning photographs representing the best of photojournalism since the fall of the Berlin wall.

This unique exhibition celebrates the legacy of photojournalism by showcasing 30 iconic images representing 30 years of award-winning photography with interactive videos giving background information and insight from key industry players, including judges and photographers.

The exhibition raises awareness of global issues through first-hand accounts of the historic events and celebrates photojournalism through the work of the World Press Photo Foundation. The selected images are supported by archival videos full of insights from the contest judges and photographers, as well as digital learning tools especially created for the show. With exclusive behind-the-scenes information, the audience will learn more about how the images became iconic because of the times they represented.

Revisiting the iconic images of the last thirty years helps us appreciate the visuals of today. In an era marked by images, media consumption and tech savvy children, photographic exhibitions bring people together, breaking down myths and providing an unforgettable educational experience that provides a deeper understanding of our world through layered historical narratives.

Tim Hetherington won the Premiere Award in the World Press Photo competition 2008 for his picture of an exhausted American soldier in Korengal, Afghanistan

30 Years - Photojournalism since the fall of the Berlin Wall