Visionary Award 2019: Hannah Reyes Morales

9 May 2019, London

The fifth Visionary Award:


for her project:


Living Lullabies illuminates critical issues facing women and children through a multimedia documentation of families’ night-time rituals. It explores how caregivers prepare children for sleep in environments fraught with hazard, and the unique role of the lullaby as a vector for sense- and place-making. Despite growing recognition of its criticality, sleep remains one of the least documented aspects of the human experience. Through collecting and distributing audio-photographic records of families’ night-time rituals, this project aims to demonstrate how issues at the top of global agendas – conflict, migration, public health – affect and are reflected in the stories of bedtime for children around the world.


Speaking for the judges, Idil Ibrahim said, "I am always impressed by the caliber of nominations we receive for the Visionary Award. Hannah Reyes Morales exemplifies the power and reach of the Visionary Award to further work by today's generation of visual storytellers, in line with the mission of Tim's Trust. As a visual artist based in the Philippines, working worldwide, we are excited to support her vision and look forward to witnessing her burgeoning career." 

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Picture caption:

Ralyn, 16, cuddles her baby in her cemetery home a few days after her birth. Adolescent birthrates have declined globally, but for the Philippines, it has been on the rise. There are 10 million adolescent girls in the Philippines, where by age 19, 1 in 5 girls will be a mother, or pregnant. It is one of the handful of countries where abortion is illegal under any circumstance. The age of consent is 12. The lack of access to reproductive rights and information, coupled with the lack of opportunities for women, make motherhood a hard road ahead for these girls, who often do not get the chance to go back to school. It is especially difficult for women from low income communities, who have very little voice in society.

From previous project: Teen Moms


Visionary Award 2019: Hannah Reyes Morales