Tim Hetherington Collection & Conflict Imagery Research Network: Event #1

22nd April 2021 - Archived and available online

The Tim Hetherington Collection


Conflict Imagery Research Network launch:




The Tim Hetherington Collection is now securely settled in its new home with the Imperial War Museums UK.  IWM in partnership with the University of Leeds School of Media & Communication is developing a research network to study issues relating to the archive and this inaugural event looks at Tim's work in conflict  with contributions from


SUZANNAH BIERNOFF  “Flesh, stone, metal: the seductions of antiquity” | Senior Lecturer in the Department of History of Art at Birkbeck

MAX HOUGHTON  “Restrepo: Locating the Self” | Senior Lecturer in Photography at London College of Communication

PAUL LOWE “Cats and Dogs: military representations of animals in combat” | Reader in Documentary Photography at London College of Communication, award-winning photographer

SAUMAVA MITRA “Revisiting Restrepo: the men and boys beyond the wire” | Assistant Professor at Dublin City University

AMRU SALAHUDDIEN “Individualism of the combatants” | Photojournalist covering the Middle East and Canada for international news agencies


The network’s principal investigator is Dr KATY PARRY (Associate Professor in Media and Communication), working with co-investigator, GREG BROCKETT (curator, Imperial War Museum).

Tim Hetherington Collection & Conflict Imagery Research Network: Event #1