Tim Hetherington Award : Sheffield DocFest 2022

29 June 2022, Sheffield UK




Lyra is an emotive, intimate film on the life and death of acclaimed young Northern Irish journalist Lyra McKee, whose murder by the New IRA in April 2019 sent shockwaves across the world. Directed by her close friend, the film seeks answers to her senseless killing through Lyra’s own work and words

The jury, Elena Cosentino, Akuol de Mabior and Philippe Sands QC said “For its celebration of a short but hugely inspiring life and career, devoted to fearless and independent journalism, LGBTQIA+ equality and the rights and dignity of the disadvantaged, for the loving and painstaking craft of a film that celebrates a level of courage and selflessness in journalism which evokes that of Tim Hetherington, the jury is unanimous in offering the award to LYRA.”


Special mention was given to The Territory by Alex Pritz (Brazil, Denmark, USA - 2022)


The Tim Hetherington Award recognizes a film and filmmaker which best reflects journalist Tim Hetherington’s legacy and is sponsored by Dogwoof and The Tim Hetherington Trust

Tim Hetherington Award : Sheffield DocFest 2022