Visionary Award 2018: LAIA ABRIL

17th May 2018, London

The fourth £20,000 Visionary Award is awarded to Laia Abril for 

A History Of Misogyny, Chapter 2: On Rape

This project is the second chapter in an extended study of misogyny, the first chapter having looked at the repercussions of abortion controls in many different cultures.  Laia Abril commented on the award, “It’s been hard to find the strength to continue my project a History of Misogyny, after working on the first chapter for more than two years, documenting, analyzing and conceptualizing the repercussions of not having access to abortion in the world.    But On Rape Culture felt too relevant to not face it. I’ve been researching, which is the base of my methodology of work, and every day, every story, every injustice, is getting more and more unbearable.”

Speaking for the judges, Idil Ibrahim said, “Laia Abril has delved into creating a multi and inter-disciplinary body of work that impacts so many people, yet is rarely discussed or covered in this detail. Her commitment and passion to women’s rights and freedom through her art make her a worthy candidate for this award.”

More about Laia here

About The Visionary Award

The Visionary Award is designed to foster innovative approaches to storytelling and supports visionary individuals who we hope will offer inspiration to others by example.   The award seeks out visual artists and journalists whose thinking and process reaches beyond the limitations of conventional media practice to create engaging and dynamic communications using any appropriate technology to create and distribute stories that inspire audiences and bring a fresh understanding of the chosen subject.

The successful candidates demonstrate personal vision, artistic ability, ethical integrity and have the necessary craft skills to execute their project effectively.  The award particularly favors projects that can be augmented by the application of new skills or technologies and in addition to the £20,000 cash grant we will find mentors to help expand the scope of the project beyond initial expectations.  Openness to new ideas and willingness to work in partnership are key characteristics for eligibility. 

Visionary Award 2018: LAIA ABRIL