Visionary Award Nominee 2020: DEBI CORNWALL

6 May 2020

Shortlisted for the Visionary Award from the Tim Hetherington Trust 2020

DEBI CORNWALL shortlisted for Pineland  - Debi is developing an extraordinary documentary voice that uses factual records of fictional events to explore our relationship with truth at a time when the traditional media doesn’t know how to respond to a heaving ocean of disinformation.  Using court records, news archives and other documentary evidence Pineland tells the real-world story of a military exercise that began as role-play and ended only when the fictional protagonists met a non-fictional police officer.  The words of a survivor narrate the encounter, challenging the viewer to distinguish the moment when make-believe became real.


More about Debi Cornwall here

Visionary Award Nominee 2020:  DEBI CORNWALL